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Our liberty is at stake – our liberty to speak, express ourselves, to bear arms and protect ourselves from criminals – and others, the liberty  to assemble and protest… the liberty to raise our children with the values we have held dear and that have helped us  turn America into this great land that it is… the liberty to protect the most vulnerable in our society – our unborn, disabled, and our seniors… the liberty to shape the values of our children, the liberty to live in comfort in  our golden years.

I think any objective person can see that certain gatherings were legitimized and excused, while others were vilified and persecuted…

Our rights are for all of us and we must ensure that our government officials are held accountable when they forget who they work for and why….




This is linked to several related topics- the border, crime, and drugs….In many areas the government has abdicated its responsibilities of protecting its citizens… Job #1  of a government- protect its people… what more can I say….

The three corollary topics are causing havoc for Americans across the country…. The tragedy is the most vulnerable are suffering the most, whether it is women and girls being trafficked, people suffering death by overdose, or people being killed in running street battles or walk-in and walk-out crime sprees… Americans need to be able to defend themselves.


National sovereignty and defense

We face challenges from China on multiple fronts. We have disastrously mismanaged the military and its campaigns at both the tactical and strategic level with dire results… We’ve unnecessarily lost service members on the ground, while at the same time leaving an untold number of Americans behind. Our national stature has been damaged so much so that it has emboldened not only terrorists, but other global competitors who are looking for ways to set us back any way that they can.


  • Restore the 20 year/50% retirement
  • Restore the Medical care promised to qualified retirees (at age 65 they need to sign up for Medicare and pay... another broken promise to the 1% who served this country and gave it their youth.)
  • Introduce automatic housing allowance for all Veterans of 65 who are at the poverty line that will bring them to the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in their county — in a safe and secure area.
  • Expand Military participation and membership by developing military programs that allow for people with disabilities to serve, and give all Americans the chance to serve their country...
  • Do more to assist the “Lost Veterans” and increase programs in support of veterans in transition, or in difficulties, drawing on competitive private or non-profit organizations that provide structured re-training, long-term housing and a return to dignity for all those who have served.
  • Allow VA loans for Service members who live outside the States and who cannot have a spouse occupy the home; but who can have a parent or sibling to do so.
  • Allow the LRP (College Loan repayment program) payments to continue for soldiers who have completed Officer Candidate School who went to Officer Status, but who did not complete their term of service as enlisted. (Why are we penalizing soldiers who apply themselves and work extra hard and sadly then backup with debt, at the same time as they incur an ADSO (Additional Service Obligation)
  • Expand VA home ownership program to focus on encouraging soldiers to reinvigorate neighborhoods that have been suffering from deteriorating conditions by providing 1% loans and monetary grants for renovations.


Economy and Inflation

Our economy is in trouble, real trouble… gas, heating fuel, all prices are up—inflation is taking off, and people haven’t seen the worst of it yet.  A lot of this was caused by poor policies by the Democrats. They have to own it, and We the People are the ones paying the price.


Inflation has started and it will continue to get worse.  Those least well off will suffer most.  At some point the Fed will have to impose a cure—higher and higher interest rates.  They will super cool the economy forcibly, and when they do, American businesses will fold as if a tornado has gone through a downtown.  The combination of two years of Pandemic, self-imposed, job killing restrictions, mandates, and regulations designed to usher in a Maoist central government plan will make this even worse.  As our currency becomes devalued, our grandchildren inherit the debt being accumulated. We must stop this in its tracks.  We need to prioritize where the government needs to be involved, and get out of the centrally planned economy that will only result in more inflation and a greater divide between the wealthy and those with limited means.




Allow anyone on social security (aged > 62.5) to be eligible to buy medicare. This increases the healthy numbers of people in the programs thereby lessening the overall cost. First phase is to cut the age to 62.5, this will allow workers with enough resources to retire earlier, allowing younger workers to fill their jobs or be replaced by more productive means. 

Second phase would allow anyone with a qualified investment account (IRAs, 403bs etc) who is withdrawing at least the annual cost of medicare out of their account to be eligible for medicare. This will provide tax revenue as those funds have not yet been taxed. The individual must withdraw at least the premium for medicare. This has some immediate benefits, those not retiring due to the high cost of medical insurance or those who have high private premiums can now withdraw from their IRAs and have the benefits of medicare. Those workers may or may not quit their jobs but it helps get more healthy people in medicare and raises revenue from the taxation of the withdrawals and the collection of the medicare premiums.  


Pro-Life Stance

While current laws must be followed, that does not mean that we should not l keep working towards enacting legislation that promotes a pro-life culture. I believe that life starts at conception. It is the most precious gift that we can be given and to see how it has been cheapened and debased to the degree that it has with more than 60 million unborn children’s lives being taken in the last 50 years is a great national moral and ethical tragedy.   In my view, the taking of an innocent’s life should not be up for discussion in any case except when the mother’s life is in jeopardy.  I feel very strongly that parents should at all times be informed of any medical care or procedure involving their minor children.  The job of our legislators should be to create common sense laws that fall in line with the values of the people.  The voters have voted countless times to ensure that the rights of parents, and the unborn are protected. Yet, we have seen time and time and again the threads pulled away from such legislation, and people who support such legislation described as right wing, far right, or worse.  I don’t recall while I was growing up being taught that respecting life was a far right issue. It is an American issue about right and wrong.


Legal Migration- Not rampant unchecked  chaos

In order for the US to maintain an increasing standard of living or increasing per capita GDP the population must grow. Productivity gains will not be enough to increase per capita GDP. As our population ages, per capita consumption is reduced. Younger generation's birth rates are not large enough. We can also see evidence of this in Italy, Japan and most of Europe. Their native populations' birth rates have declined markedly and those economies struggle to pay the social costs promised by the government due to lack of per capita GDP growth caused by a declining birth rate. 

The solution is to allow a sufficient number of LEGAL immigrants into the US such that the population growth is positive. I believe the legal immigration limit is about 1.3mm people which has not changed for decades. Though the allowing of VISAs and illegal immigration has helped to grow the population. 


The Second Amendment

I will vigorously support legislation that ensures American’s maintaining their full, unencumbered Second Amendment rights. The Second Amendment is part of the original Bill of Rights.  Bearing arms should not be up for discussion. The founders intended that the people of this country should be able to defend themselves against our enemies- foreign and domestic.  Just because some Americans today do not choose to own fire arms does not mean their rights to own them should be infringed upon.  While we can all agree that responsible gun use is important, we must not allow the creeping, incremental chiseling away at the foundations of this right to go unchecked.   As with our other rights, it is crucial to ensure that our society remains free and that the government remain of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Not all Americans live in the safety of a peaceful neighborhood that is violence free. Recent events have demonstrated this in countless ways. American freedom requires vigilance and discipline- the vigilance to stand guard for all our freedoms, and the discipline to stay the course and follow through on our commitments to ensure the rights of all Americans.   

Term limits

Being called to serve our nation in the Senate, House, or even as President should not be a career aspiration.  We all can agree that when we are young we have lots of energy and ideals.  But as we grow older and become more seasoned in life we learn different things along the way. That shared accumulated wisdom should be brought to Washington to solve problems, not create them.

We need legislators who are strong enough to stand on their own values and not be beholden to special interests. We need people who should put the nation’s interest and their constituents needs first. Period. End of story.  That is what we should elect people for- nothing more and nothing less.

If someone can’t accomplish their tasks in Congress after a couple of terms, then people should say, thank you for your service and elect someone new.

So, okay, what would I recommend? Well, we made a Constitutional change limiting the term of the Presidency to no more than two consecutive terms.  Why not limit the terms in the House to no more than four, and two in the Senate? I believe this would have a positive effect on our democracy, promote new ideas and changes, reduce corruption and the stranglehold of special interests on entrenched politicians.


Honest, Historically – Correct Curriculum

American history is being hijacked by an ideology from a book based on a misinformed premise, using snippets of another book based on an equally flawed premise that misquoted Columbus.

It blurs the truth, cherry picks unrelated half-truths, and weaves them into a platform being used to take away our nation’s traditions, pride, and most inexcusable of all, the rights of parents and their children to practice and enjoy their American faith, vision, and life by pushing a thinly veiled socialist state ideology into our classrooms and homes. 

This ideology pushes sectarian divisions that are designed to expose the seams and differences in American culture that are based on the worst cases and examples of its flaws, without giving equal and due attention to the wonderful, amazing things that America has done and the promise that she represents. We are the hope of the world… we are the proverbial city on the hill.  We have shed more blood to pay for and atone for the past misdeeds of a small percentage of our original founders than any in the world… Wasn’t it America that sent its soldiers over to Europe to fight for freedom in the First World War?  Wasn’t it America who sent even more soldiers and treasure to Europe, Africa, and Asia to help liberate the World in the Second World War? And then after we had liberated those places, wasn’t it America that helped its enemies back on their feet and helped them to become economic powerhouses? Wasn’t it America who sent another 50,000 of her young men to their deaths to hold the line against communism and keep South Korea from being turned into a gulag like North Korea? And what about Vietnam? Didn’t 10 years of War there and another 50,000+ dead earn America some grace? And what country stood up to the line against Soviet Aggression for 40 years?  You’re welcome… Where would the world be today without the U.S.?  Despite all of the shortcomings people bring up, we still have millions of people literally dying to get here.  Surely, we must be doing something right.   I think it would be better to teach our young people more about the great things America has done, despite her missteps along the way…

Community School Boards are destroying their schools and losing their tax base by the way, by embracing this and other ideologies that are outside the main stream views of most Americans.  Our differences are fewer than people realize… our values, our hope for the future, our ability to be an engine for industry and social change… It was the American ideals that inspired people around the world to throw off the yoke of despots and kings and strive for freedom and democracy. We have been the model that the world followed.  Let’s not forget that while the CRT proponents are working to undermine what we have become and the memory and contributions of those who, although imperfect in life, brought us here and gave us the greatest nation in history.


Student Loans

With respect to student loans....Instead of forgiving student loans, why not let the debtor file bankruptcy. Now student loans survive bankruptcy, meaning if someone files bankruptcy they are still responsible for the student loan balance. They never get a clean start. All corporations, and individuals can file bankruptcy in a couple of different forms and obtain a fresh start. Even income taxes can be forgiven in a bankruptcy. If someone made a bad choice by buying too big of a house, too much of a car, or racks up large amounts of credit card debt they can file for bankruptcy and have their debts wiped clean or renegotiate with the lender under the supervision of a bankruptcy court to have the loans modified. Student loans should follow the same legal course. Right now large student loan payments rob the economy of consumption, or savings for investment, and stifle growth. 


Internet and Cable

Cable companies physical plant and equipment versus content. Too much content and media control in too few companies. Cable/internet bills have increased for years. The content needs to be separated and unbundled so the consumer can decide which stations or content they desire. The government should set up zones where high access is not available for no matter the reason.  Internet companies would bid on the locations to provide access to households in the zones at rates equal to or less than the current high speed access in the largest MSAs. The government would issue tax credits to the winning company for each zone. In general the government (can and ) should bridge the gap where or when it makes no sense for private capital. The biggest macro economic and quality of life gains come from large network effects, think the interstate highway system, airports, railways means of connecting people products or ideas. (not health care) 



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